Dean Orial is the head of H2.

Dean Orial


Dean is a retired Marine Corps Sergeant Major (SgtMaj) with a keen sense of duty and responsibility. Having served in multiple capacities as a senior enlisted leader, Dean is highly experienced in management and administration of organizations, large and small. Hand-selected to take on the mantle as President of H2 following the company’s acquisition by Hui Huliau (NHO), Dean’s leadership has proven instrumental in H2’s transformation from its humble origins into a growth-oriented powerhouse of innovation.

As a visionary with an extensive technical, administrative, and managerial background, Dean is an expert strategist and business leader. With a remarkable track record of success and demonstrated expertise in resource management and organizational development, Dean’s relentless dedication to H2, its mission, employees, and customers will ensure H2’s continued prosperity and success for many years to come.

• United States Marine Corp (1995 – 2018, retired)

• Recipient of 13 DoD/USMC commendations for superior
achievement and outstanding performance