H2 has over 10 years of experience in providing a broad spectrum of services to federal government and commercial customers, including Tactical & Strategic C4IS, Information Technology (IT), Cyber Security, Systems Engineering, Equipment Integration, Logistics, Fielding and Training Support, Facilities Engineering and Management, and Fabrication Services. Our employees are located at customer sites across the United States and around the globe.


Our customers, partners, and stakeholders deserve only the best. So that we can deliver the highest quality of customer service, we impress upon our employees the importance of putting in their best efforts, to strive for excellence, whether they’re working on an individual task or an entire project.

We encourage our employees to acquire new knowledge and learn new skills to develop into technical leaders in their fields. In doing so, we expect our most seasoned experts to mentor their junior colleagues, passing down critical knowledge to the next generation of H2 employees.

Our customers, partners, and stakeholders place an immense level of trust within our employees at all levels of the organization, many of whom work on some of the U.S. Government’s most sensitive contracts. As such, H2 employees are expected to hold themselves to the highest level of personal and professional integrity.

We believe that collaboration is the key to delivering high-quality service and achieving our strategic objectives. Employees are expected to be productive members of their team by contributing their skills, communicating with their colleagues, and doing their part to achieve our common goals.

In any context, efficiency is critical to ensuring an organization’s financial stability. We impress upon all employees the importance of organizational skills, time management, and resource allocation. By minimizing waste and maximizing productivity, we hold ourselves accountable to the Government’s high standards and can deliver the highest quality service for the best value.


H2 is dedicated to developing strong partnerships with small and large businesses that provide a wide array of services.

To effectively compete in the federal arena, H2 builds trusted relationships with partners to win key contracts. We lead, or partner with organizations who share a commitment to respond to our customer’s needs.